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Research of the Month – May 2022

This month’s research spotlight is Leary, H, et al 2020. Professional Development for Online Teaching: A Literature Review. Online Learning, 24(4).Key Takeaway: Many of the most effective pedagogical practices are domain-specific. But the current online teaching competency work focuses on general pedagogies rather than content-specific pedagogical practices. The design and development of online development courses need…

Research of the Month – April 2022

This month’s research spotlight is Chakraborty, P., Mittal, P., Gupta, M.S., Yadav, S. and Arora, A., 2021. Opinion of students on online education during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, 3(3), pp.357-365. Key Takeaway: The skill level of the teacher is key for students’ perceived learning, and student mental health and sleep patterns are affected…

Research of the Month – March 2022

This month’s research spotlight is Kansal, A.K., Gautam, J., Chintalapudi, N., Jain, S. and Battineni, G., 2021. Google trend analysis and paradigm shift of online education platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Infectious Disease Reports, 13(2), pp.418-428. Key Takeaway: Excessive digital learning has affected student mental health with increased stress and often decreased access to resources.…

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